Notebooklet Class - AccountSummary

Retrieves account summary for the selected account.

Main operations:

  • Searches for matches for the account name in Active Directory,

Windows and Linux host logs.

  • If one or more matches are found it will return a selection

widget that you can use to pick the account.

  • Selecting the account displays a summary of recent activity and

retrieves any alerts and hunting bookmarks related to the account

  • The alerts and bookmarks are browseable using the browse_alerts

and browse_bookmarks methods

  • You can call the get_additional_data method to retrieve and

display more detailed activity information for the account.

All of the returned data items are stored in the results class

as entities, pandas DataFrames or Bokeh visualizations.

Run help(nblt) on the notebooklet class to see usage.

Run help(result) on the result class to see documentation of its


Run the print_options() method on either the notebooklet or

results class to see information about the options parameter

for the run() method.

Default Options

  • get_alerts: Retrieve alerts and display timeline for the account.

  • get_bookmarks: Retrieve investigation bookmarks for the account

Other Options


Display Sections

Account Summary

This function searches Active Directory, Azure, Office365, Windows and Linux logs for matching accounts. If any matches are found you can choose an account to explore, viewing the times of recent event types, any alerts and hunting bookmarks that relate to the account name. You can also retrieve recent details of the logon activity or cloud activity for the account. For further investigation use the host_logons_summary notebooklet for Windows and Linux host logons.

Host logon attempt timeline

Hover over each timeline event to see details.

IP Address details summary

Number of operations detected by IP Address. The table shows WhoIs ASN Description and Country Code. If UserAgent is contained in the data, operations are also grouped by this.

Querying for account matches.

Searching through Active Directory, Windows and Linux events. This may take a few moments to complete.

Summary of azure activity for AAD, Azure resource and O365

Shows the total number of operations, the list of unique operations, the list of unique resource IDs and the first and last operation recorded in the selected time range. The data is grouped by: - Data source - User - Type - Azure activity type/source - Client IP Address - Application resource provider - User type

Summary of host logon activity.

Shows the total number of logons attempts by host. FailedLogons shows the breakdown of successfully and failed logons. IPAddresses is a list of distinct source IP addresses for the logons. LogonTypeCount breaks down the logon type used by count. First and LastLogon shows the earliest and latest logons on each host by this account in the selected time range.

Results Class


Account Summary Result.


  • account_activity : pd.DataFrame
    DataFrame of most recent activity.
  • account_selector : msticpy.nbtools.nbwidgets.SelectString
    Selection widget for accounts.
  • related_alerts : pd.DataFrame
    Alerts related to the account.
  • alert_timeline : LayoutDOM
    Timeline of alerts.
  • related_bookmarks : pd.DataFrame
    Investigation bookmarks related to the account.
  • host_logons : pd.DataFrame
    Host logon attemtps for selected account.
  • host_logon_summary : pd.DataFrame
    Host logon summary for selected account.
  • azure_activity : pd.DataFrame
    Azure Account activity for selected account.
  • account_activity_summary : pd.DataFrame
    Azure activity summary.
  • azure_timeline_by_provider : LayoutDOM
    Azure activity timeline grouped by provider
  • account_timeline_by_ip : LayoutDOM
    Host or Azure activity timeline by IP Address.
  • azure_timeline_by_operation : LayoutDOM
    Azure activity timeline grouped by operation
  • ip_address_summary : pd.DataFrame
    Summary of IP address properties and usage for the current activity.
  • ip_all_data : pd.DataFrame
    Full details of operations with IP WhoIs and GeoIP data.


Instance Methods

__init__(self, args, *kwargs)
Initialize the Account Summary notebooklet.
Display Azure activity timeline by IP address.
Display Azure activity timeline by operation.
Display Azure activity timeline by provider.
browse_accounts(self) -> msticpy.nbtools.nbwidgets.select_item.SelectItem
Return the accounts browser/viewer.
browse_alerts(self) -> msticpy.nbtools.nbwidgets.select_alert.SelectAlert
Return alert browser/viewer.
browse_bookmarks(self) -> msticpy.nbtools.nbwidgets.select_item.SelectItem
Return bookmark browser/viewer.
Display the alert timeline.
get_additional_data(self) -> pandas.core.frame.DataFrame
Find additional data for the selected account.
Return Folium map of IP activity.
Display IP address summary.
run(self, value: Any = None, data: Optional[pandas.core.frame.DataFrame] = None, timespan: Optional[msticpy.common.timespan.TimeSpan] = None, options: Optional[Iterable[str]] = None, **kwargs) -> msticnb.nb.azsent.account.account_summary.AccountSummaryResult
Return account activity summary.
Display Azure activity timeline by operation.

Inherited methods

check_table_exists(self, table: str) -> bool
Check to see if the table exists in the provider.
check_valid_result_data(self, attrib: str = None, silent: bool = False) -> bool
Check that the result is valid and attrib contains data.
get_methods(self) -> Dict[str, Callable[[Any], Any]]
Return methods available for this class.
get_pivot_run(self, get_timespan: Callable[[], msticpy.common.timespan.TimeSpan])
Return Pivot-wrappable run function.
get_provider(self, provider_name: str)
Return data provider for the specified name.
list_methods(self) -> List[str]
Return list of methods with descriptions.
run_nb_func(self, nb_func: Union[str, msticnb.notebooklet_func.NBFunc], **kwargs)
Run the notebooklet function and return the results.
Run all notebooklet functions defined for the notebooklet.

Other Methods

add_nb_function(nb_func: Union[str, msticnb.notebooklet_func.NBFunc], **kwargs)
Add a notebooklet function to the class.
all_options() -> List[str]
Return supported options for Notebooklet run function.
default_options() -> List[str]
Return default options for Notebooklet run function.
description() -> str
Return description of the Notebooklet.
entity_types() -> List[str]
Entity types supported by the notebooklet.
get_help(fmt=’html’) -> str
Return HTML document for class.
get_settings(print_settings=True) -> Optional[str]
Print or return metadata for class.
Import the text of this module into a new cell.
keywords() -> List[str]
Return search keywords for Notebooklet.
list_options() -> str
Return options document for Notebooklet run function.
match_terms(search_terms: str) -> Tuple[bool, int]
Search class definition for search_terms.
name() -> str
Return name of the Notebooklet.
Print options for Notebooklet run function.

result [property] Return result of the most recent notebooklet run.

Display Documentation for class.

silent [property] Get the current instance setting for silent running.


run function documentation

Return account activity summary.



Account name to search for.

dataOptional[pd.DataFrame], optional

Not used.


Timespan for queries

optionsOptional[Iterable[str]], optional

List of options to use, by default None. A value of None means use default options. Options prefixed with “+” will be added to the default options. To see the list of available options type help(cls) where “cls” is the notebooklet class or an instance of this class.

account_typesIterable[AccountType], Optional

A list of account types to search for, by default all types.



Result object with attributes for each result type.



If required parameters are missing

Default Options

  • get_alerts: Retrieve alerts and display timeline for the account.

  • get_bookmarks: Retrieve investigation bookmarks for the account

Other Options